Essay Meaning and influences of The Halo Effect

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Have you ever judged someone by just taking in consideration one physical aspect of that person? Has that judgment been a positive statement? If it is, you would need to know what the Halo effect is. This effect consists in making good judgments about a person base on one of his or her character´s aspect. To make clear, who have never listen or think that beautiful people are smart, or that people who wear glasses are nerds. I am pretty sure that you have criticized someone by using some of these statements. Therefore, you have used the Halo Effect to draw conclusions about a person. This effect can be present in different aspects of our lives like job, education, government, media, etcetera, and it also can influence our everyday …show more content…

Consequently, they have found out that there is a serious difference between “the attractive and average looking interviewees in terms of high and low status job packages offered”. During the experiment, women interviewers gave more high positions to handsome men than attractive women. But, on the other hand, men did not have preferences of gender or attractiveness. Beauty is an influential aspect in different camps such as media or jobs. People may think that beauty human beings are more intelligent and popular than other people. They are just taking in consideration this characteristic to employ these people, but they don’t see if these people are more capable mentally or intellectually than other citizens to do certain jobs.
In education, we also can see it. This effect can interfere in how students grade his/her teacher. The article “Do Goods Look Equal Good Evaluations?” written by Gabriela Montell states clear that students are taking the physical aspect as an important statement to qualify their teachers. Students’ rates about their professors are based on good-looking and skin’s color. Beautiful and white people have high scores as teachers. This resolution has been a concern to all teachers and professors. They are not completely sure that they as educators and their pedagogical techniques are competent to teach their students. Moreover, this effect also can lead to injustices. Professor or teachers can be fired because of The Halo

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