Media And Gender Stereotypes

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Pages 173 Chapter 4 These powerful stereotypes continues to reinforced in media representation This statement is talking about the media and gender stereotype. I will say stereotypes are powerful because they affect our expectation of what men should and should not be like. They are a form of media representation which recognized members of cultural groups instantly. The media plays a great role in changing the world, they only shown us some aspect of the world and ignoring the rest. Stereotyped play a significant role in the media, they are representing the opinions among members of a certain group about the other groups. Stereotyped to my knowledge can be defined as an exaggerated belief about an individual based on their appearance, behavior, or beliefs. The media is so powerful, that it is easier for them to break an image of an individual. The media portrays men as strong masculine, tough, hard and independent while women are shown as fragile and mostly sexy. stereotype has become common place in today’s media they are found in our television program, radio station, magazines ads, newspapers, and radio station delivering false impression to a wide audience. Stereotypes use the media to affect women expectations of men in relationship or in work setting Media stereotypes are very powerful they have extra impact because they create images based on these assumptions, helping to shape men’s own views about how they should act. Chapter 4 Page 174 For many
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