Media And Social Media

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Media constantly surrounds our everyday lives whether we like to admit it or not. In some cases, it is an advertisement flashing on the T.V. or listening to the newest hit on the radio. Although we think we can control what we watch and explore, sometimes we are exposed involuntary to certain topics. Our life styles, preference, and individuality all influence what we each choose to consume and not consume. In totality, media subjects us to both involuntary and voluntary consumption and elicits a physical and mental effect on individuals who are exposed. After a tiresome day at work, a majority individuals either turn on their television or scroll on over to social media apps to inquire into other topics. This is a prime example of what voluntary media consumption is. It is to exercise judgement on what outlet and topic of media you prefer to observe. Likewise, I have monitored my own media consumption for the past 24 hours and have discovered most of my time spent has derived from watching videos and films. A majority of the content I exposed myself to was through the internet via my phone or laptop. However, media can also sever other purposes than just entertainment. Utilizing media has become a key component to making informed decisions. For example, websites such as Yelp, Amazon, and YouTube have all altered the spectrum for buying products. Negative reviews on products lead consumers to avoid them by listening to other individuals informed position. By researching

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