Social Media And Social Networking

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Social media is the communication between individuals and groups to share and exchange their ideas through internet. The social networking is part of social media which plays the important role in today’s life. The biggest impact of the social networking is on children, youngs, and adults. Nowaday children are growing up surrounded by technology. They like to use technology such as mobile, tablets, and computers because they can connect easily to social network. We all know how important social networking can be part someone’s life. You are certainly no stranger to hear about social networking. Because now it is rapidly increasing a number of social networking, such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others. According to social media only 26% of people were using social media in 2008 while within only 6 years the number went to 74% which is such a big dramatic change. Social network networking is a social structure that is formed from the individuals who tied with one or more specific types or relationship. The social networking has some positive and negative impacts. One of the biggest social networking website is Facebook. First of all, the positive impact of using social networking is that they can easily make friends. They can talk to their friends over the facebook message or nowadays you can make phone call to your friends and family members. It is not only possible in the United States, but it is provide all over the world. Parrack stated,

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