Media And The Law Enforcement Essay

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Media in law enforcement has been around for years. One of the biggest problems law enforcement agencies are having, is that there are several different types of media hitting the streets within short periods of time. The law enforcement agencies are having trouble keeping up with the different types of social media and the process is becoming harder to catch these criminals. Even the television media is hard to control because all the news stations fight for which station is going to get what news meaning that whichever station gets the stories out first, gets more credit. According to Randy Rue, a lieutenant for the Illinois State Police, the Media has to do with a lot of bias. A lot of the time the media will put news out there without have the facts of what happened. It seems like a big race for these media stations to be the first one to get A certain story out to the public and it could be completely wrong. One of the bigger problems today, is the law enforcement and race relations in the United States. The society hears about the opposite race being shot by the police for no apparent reasons. Also, according to Rue, “bias isn’t a problem with overall police officers. Some departments have problems with bias, but not as an overall.” The national media has a negative impact in law enforcement/race relationships. The news media on the television does a poor job with putting news out about the positives the police do for the community. They are heavy set on making the

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