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Lindsay Lohan. Britney Spears. Winona Ryder. Farrah Fawcett. The preceding list of people all have a few things in common. Most noticeable is the fact that they are all contemporary celebrities and women. However, these celebrities share another common trait that will be of much more relevance in the discussion that will follow: they have all been given the label of kleptomaniac at one point or another in the public eye due to being caught shoplifting at least once. To be fair, diagnoses made by tabloids and the media are of much less substance than medical diagnosis. It is plausible that one or more of the celebrities mentioned above who were caught shoplifting were not stealing out of a recurrent and compulsive urge. Regardless, whether …show more content…

There is a case of a man who would not eat unless his food was stolen, so a servant would take pains to hide the man’s food in such a manner that the man could “steal” it and eat rather than die from starvation. One woman was so afflicted with the compulsion to steal that she would not hesitate in stealing offerings and tithes from church baskets at the altar. An otherwise upstanding woman was such a helpless thief that she would steal bread from her friends’ dinner table if there was nothing else more valuable to be had. There is even record of a clergyman whose kleptomania was so notorious that the Church eventually had to cut ties with him. A British lady, presumably of high society, was prosecuted for stealing handkerchiefs from a clothing store; the Times which reported on the case insinuated that recurrent and compulsive theft of cheap items from shops is quite common among the ladies of high society in London. This behavior was so well-known that family members arranged a well-coordinated effort with drivers and shopkeepers to keep tabs on their thieving ladies and to make sure that the shopkeepers got reimbursed. Sometimes the thief herself would be the one writing the check that the shopkeepers would inevitably send to their home. One of the causes of kleptomania appears to be general insanity. The behavior is so compulsive, that people who are otherwise upstanding and moral in

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