Media Is The Most Accessible Form Of Information

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The media is widely acknowledged as the most accessible form of information in the world. Especially, adolescents are one of the experienced Internet users. Besides, they could have access to most contents easily. According to one study, American teenagers took their times a lot to using media (SNS, Internet, games and television). The average hours per a week are more than 38hours. One of the contents what they spend their time is YouTube. It is a large video sharing service and more than 4 billion clips are watched every day on YouTube. In addition, many of most watched videos are music videos. A recent study found that 77% of adolescents are watching a YouTube channel and 1 over 3 of them is a viewer of music channel. More over, 91.4% of teenagers think it is a one of positive aspect of our society. However, as with anything there are negative aspects too. According to them, one of the biggest problems rising in the field is sexuality. Much research has been done relating media promotes and encourage violence and this is widely accepted theory. By contrast, only few studies have been conducted to find out the possible correlation between sexual message in the media and children’s acts. However, the large number of studies claimed about the media’s powerful influence on young people’s behavior. In addition, sexuality in the media is becoming contains more explicit and implied message and these symbols comprise unrealistic, inappropriate information, which young…
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