Media Release : Destination Brisbane Consortium

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Media Release: Destination Brisbane Consortium captures the bids to develop Brisbane Queen’s Wharf Release Date: Sunday, September 6 2015, 20:12 PM The Queensland Government and Destination Brisbane Consortium cooperate to provide a world class tourism destination in 2007 and expected to finish in 2022 using the multi-billion dollars which are generously supplied by Echo Entertainment Group, Far Fast Consortium (Australia) and Chow Tai Fook Enterprise (, 2015). Queen’s Wharf Brisbane provides a great economic growth for Queensland and it will take place in Queen’s Wharf Brisbane (, 2015). Australia residents and tourists who visit Brisbane will see a new face of Brisbane, developed facilities like new pedestrian bridge to Southbank or Miller park and multiple public events are also provided. Five new hotels including the world famous Ritz-Carlton and a five star Rosewood hotel, fifty new restaurants and bars, and the world largest nightly water and light show are coming to Brisbane (Development, 2015). “This will change Brisbane 's CBD, but the construction means thousands of jobs - some 3,000 jobs during construction, and 8,000 ongoing jobs. I am very excited for the proposal of the project and we know what this means for Brisbane.” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said (Echo wins approval for multimillion dollar waterfront casino development in Brisbane, 2015). Eight thousand employment opportunities will be

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