Media Role in the Presidential Election Essay

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Analyzing elections The Medias rules of an election change the face of the election itself. They are, if you may, the gatekeepers of information, in a time where the information we get will form the issues of the election. If the news tells us tomorrow that the stock market dropped 410 points today but did not tell us that the U.S. embassy in Iraq was bombed then what do you think we will care about the most. Each channel of media has its own biased. Fox news is leaning toward the right and CNN is leaning toward the left. Its near impossible today to hear a news story or coverage without any spin. Old papa bear (Bill O'reily) says that his show is the no spin zone but is it really, even after he pretty much cussed out Barack and…show more content…
Well that pretty much sums up all of us so the “Yes we can” and “change” slogans worked pretty well. McCain had “Reform, prosperity, and peace” which are the things that he promised and do sound pretty good. However he made it sound like his administration and him were going to do these things (supposedly) not us. Also lets be honest for a second, I do not want to put down the American people but do you really think that all Americans know what the words Reform and prosperity mean (thats rhetorical by the way). To the media as well as the American people, change works a whole lot better than reform. Reform implies making it better while change implies, well, change. Another thing that the media has done in this election that I have noticed is isolating a candidates weak points and getting them out there for all to see. This was exposed in two ways: By the candidates attacks on each other and by the Biased news reports that give light to one candidates strong side and burn his competitor. For most news shows it would be McCain getting the short end of the stick which was probably due to most of the media's support for Obama. For instance there were many stories that told that McCain was the first president ever to tax healthcare (which was a big weak point) while others told of Obama as spreading around the wealth. I think the American people probably heard more weak points of each candidate than they heard
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