Media Tek Case Analysis Essay

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Case analyze of "Shanzai! MediaTek and the "White Box" Handset Market" Synopsis: Shanzhai Media Tek is a power house in the generation of handset. This has advanced through the several process and steps in technology. The first handsets that were produced by the company were the first generation 1G phones. They were synonymous because of the verity that they utilized analog transmission. However, the advancements in technology have since rendered analog transmission obsolete. This has been marked by the introduction of second generation phones, (2G phones). However, the connectivity, especially with regards to internet proved to be slower. This prompted the introduction of third generation …show more content…

Moreover, these companies have often purported that Media Tek is linked with the production of counterfeit phone chipsets. This aspect has dealt a blow to the sale and export of the chipsets from the company. The most amicable strategy that can be utilized by the firm will be based on convincing the consumers that the chipsets are not counterfeit (Arnold 47). This can only be executed by ensuring that the chipsets are durable. Strategic issues in the industry: The Company has been on the path of innovation and invention. This is evidenced by their first colonization of CD-Rom controllers. This made the company acquire 50% of the market share of CD-Rom controllers. The largest opportunity for the industry is based on the fact that technology is always dynamic. In fact, it has reached a point that human lifestyle is defined by the level of advancements in technology. The most significant threat lies on the validation of the counterfeit claims. In the event that such claims are substantiated and validated, Media Tek will lose a significant market share. The risk and uncertainty in the industry emanates from the verity that wireless chipsets are manmade. It is common knowledge that man is not perfect. There is bound to be some level of imperfections in technology, which may render purchased handsets to malfunction. Internal analysis: Financial analysis:

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