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WNZ Media Corporation Case 1. Based on a careful reading of the case answer the following questions and then complete the table below. In the table below, list in column 1 the most important operational (transactional) activities (i.e. day-to-day work) at WNZ Media Corporation as it operates its business and competes in its markets. Then in column 2 describe the information required to enable or support each of those operations-level requirements. a. Employing the MIS Integrative Framework (posted on blackboard for this Session Assignment), what is the primary business focus/driver of WNZ Media (i.e. operational excellence, customer intimacy, product/service innovation) and why did you make this choice? The primary…show more content…
| Content of written piece, name of author | Word processor | Easily edit the piece and save it multiple times, and easily email it. | Future interests of WNZ, cost of potential mergers | Customer Relationship Management | Relate with customers to get their opinion of where the company is going, see trends to see which areas could be expanded. | Note: Most business requirements align with multiple enabling application systems. Be inclusive here in your thinking! 3. In addition to the software applications you listed in Question 2, WNZ Media Corporation needs an information technology (I/T) infrastructure. This consists of the hardware and system software used to support the applications mentioned previously (but not the applications themselves). Fill in the table below with your recommendations for the various components of this infrastructure, and be as specific as possible. (note: provide at least 8 examples): I/T Product, Component or Standard | Value to the business | Operating System (Mac and PC) | Having both Mac and PC operating systems will allow them to address the various needs of the company. PC is good for web design, while Mac is better for editing video. | Hard drive/server Storage | They will need a good deal of storage for all the written pieces, audio, and video they produce. They will need a server to keep these valuable pieces of digital information safe.

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