Medical Advancements And Treatment Of Cancer

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Malignant neoplasia, more commonly known as cancer, can arise anywhere in the body in various sizes, shape and form, and can affect anyone. The treatment of cancer depends on the various factors, namely the type of cancer, how far it has grown and spread, and how fast it is growing. Medical advancements are continuing to benefit the treatment of cancer, as they are being detected earlier and patients are living longer. I will be discussing the three most used cancer treatments; surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy; and briefly investigating how they can be used together as a combination therapy with the example of breast cancer. I will also be exploring the emerging cancer treatment of immunotherapy, and comparing and contrasting the benefits and drawbacks/limits of these four treatments in terms of their biological process, and how they act in the body. Surgery is one of the main treatments for cancer, and is usually the first option considered following diagnosis. Usually, the earlier a cancer is found the easier it is to remove it. Surgery may be the only treatment you need if the tumour is contained in the body area and has not metastasized. The primary goal is to remove the malignant tumour as completely as possible; and procedurally some normal tissue from around the cancer is also removed. The surgeon may also remove the lymph nodes nearest to the cancer, in case they contain cancer cells that can be moved around the body through the lymphatic system. After
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