Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Differences In Explaining Health

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A topic in the Faces of Culture class that interest me the most was the cross-differences in explaining health in the section of medical anthropology. The cross-cultural differences in explaining health focuses on how cultures around the world practice different techniques of healing a disease. In America, people mainly go to the doctor to get help when they are sick. I believe that many people only focus on the ways treat their illness based on their own culture and not aware that some cultures do not practice healing through clinical processes. Many cultures practice healing processes through symbolic rituals. When I first starting to learn about how some people think that singing, persuasion, dancing, or music will heal their illness, I…show more content…
The reason why this section had the biggest impact on me because it makes me realize that we are different compare to other cultures and practice different ways of healing. I always been interesting in medical ideas and objects and taking the time to learn about some different ways of healing from other cultures was an eye opener. The medical anthropology section made me realize how different the world and cultures are to each other and how no culture or practice are the same. I assume that since we’re in the 21st century that rituals are no longer used to heal and modern medical technology has spread world-wide. It’s crazy to think that in some societies, they practice traditions that have been around for centuries while some societies practice modern ideas that only been around for a few years. In addition, I believe learning more about medical anthropology and different forms of healing has taught me to have respect to those who have different beliefs and practices compared to my beliefs and practices. It is nice to now know that each culture or society has a different way of practicing medicine, whether it’s by ritual, persuasion, or
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