Medical Professionals: A Personal Statement Of Purpose

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Since a young age my dad has always had medical issues, and this has made me appreciate all the paramedics and doctors did for him. The hard work and motivation all the trained medical professionals put in for him was extraordinary and has truly motivated me to follow in the footsteps of being able to help people and save lives. When he was in the hospital, I was amazed at the teamwork between members of staff, and was fascinated by everyone aspect of working in a hospital. Following this passion for saving lives, I started to volunteer for St John Ambulance, where I have now been for over 7 years, enjoying learning as much first aid as I can, and working my way up to an advanced first aider, the highest level of first aid I can be at my age.…show more content…
In this time I have done over 450 duty hours helping the public and lots more at division carrying out a number of different roles. I am currently the lead cadet. This means I have to lead my team of officers and work with them as a team to ensure the smooth running of each meeting night. This shows I am able to lead a group of people and make important decisions which affect the running of each meeting. I am also a peer educator. This means I have to teach the cadets, who range from 10-17 to ensure they get the correct teaching and I am able to adapt my lessons so all age ranges are able to understand and learn. This also shows how I am able to lead a group, teaching them the vitals skills they need to know for first aid. I also help out at the St John Badgers, a group of 5-10 year olds, who I also teach a range of skills to. This has taught me that you need to be able to adaptable to talk to a range of different ages, a skill I have picked up well. I have also carried out a range of different first aid skills on different people of different age ranges, comforting them in their time of need. This has allowed me to work on my people skills, calming and reassuring people who are in distress. This experience over many years has shown me it is important to have people skills with people of all ages, a skill I have developed over a long time to an effective standard. I have also been able to talk to paramedics and advanced first aiders within the adult unit of St John Ambulance who have discussed some important skills like communication, which I have developed through the teamwork in my team of
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