Medieval Architecture

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The medieval period, sometimes called the Dark Ages, was very barbaric, and it lasted from the fifth century to the fifteenth century. We do not know as much about this era as we do other eras, but we do have some significant information. Run by the church, it taught people they were born in sin. If they did not serve the church, they would die in sin. It was not easy for everyone because some had to do extreme labor. They eventually came up with a solution to their mistakes. Improving different things resulted in more advanced technology and architecture.
During the Middle Ages, Europe had different states in which all consisted of their own type of government. Denmark, Spain, France, and England were all monarchies, which had kings or caliphs. …show more content…

During Medival Times, the pope had the religious power that was necessary. From his followers, he collected a lot of fame and fortune. He taught his followers how to pray and live, and he decided who was an enemy to the church. The king was only accountable to the Pope. The king or queen broke down their land into fiefs that were given to people called nobles. In return, the land owner had to be allegiant towards them. They had to obey given orders and help the king or queen whenever they gave a direct command. The nobles' had an abundant amount of land. They decided to break down the fiefs and endow the vassals with land. In turn, the vassals had to be allegiant towards the noble and king. The vassals' land was then worked on by peasants. The peasants could not leave the land without permission. They were similar to slaves, except peasants were not legally owned by a …show more content…

Monks took a vow of poverty, obedience, and chastity to their leaders. They had to do physical work, could not leave the monastery, could not own land, or engage in the rest of society. Nuns and monks gave help to the poor people of the community. Not to forget, monks went to the monastery church eight times a day to worship. The first service started at two in the afternoon, and the rest came in intervals in the evening. They were very literate, and their whole lives were focused on reading and writing. Between prayers the monks wrote down scripture and

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