Medisense ADC: Points Of Differences

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Points of Difference MediSense ADCs have been revamped since the original release based off feedback from our customers with the release of AMDT200 (automated medication dispensing technology). Our new cabinets now are larger capacity than our competitors. Which means that pharmacies can store more line items per cabinet allowing nurses to have a larger variety of medications on the floors to provide their patients with. Also, we have incorporated label and receipt printers, which allow nursing staff to print labels for Large Volume Fluids (LVF) to be in compliance with Joint Commission Office (JCO) regulations. We have redesigned our locking drawers to a better configuration, provided the customer with more options for storing narcotics. MediSense …show more content…

The product line offered by MediSense, for instance, is extended to face-to-face customers, pharmacies and even hospitals; making all of its products reach out a wider market (Newswire, 2017). Our products are the most sophisticated in the market today, our model AMDT200 is our most successful product, this state of the art model is capable of taking multiple configurations for different kinds of request. Our model AMDT200 is a cabinet that can manage patient medications with zero margin error on doses. Machine is self-calibrated every tenth of a second to avoid any dosage from being provided incorrectly. Inventory is conducted on the spot, this will help hospitals always keeping stock of all their medications. AMDT200 Cisco modem can be programmed to place orders when certain medications are about to run out, this will allow for hospitals or owners of our cabinets to have JIT inventory, avoiding the use of floor space on inventory management and keeping supplies lean and lowering

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