The Changing Role Of Women During The American Revolution

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America is a melting pot of people that are defined because of race, gender, and social position. The issue of gender has been a one-sided dispute that has had to overcome many challenges. Women have been seen as the inferior gender and have had to overcome many obstacles that men have put in the way to reach a position of equality. Women in an America can be defined in many ways in different time periods, but what women have shown to be in every period is strong, persistent beings that are just as strong and equipped as men.
During the revolutionary period, women were seen as inferior to men. Men believed that women were only capable of cooking, cleaning, and attending to the needs of the children. White women were very oppressed against men, and during the revolutionary period, women had the chance to shine what each was capable of. Women branched out and started a boycott against British goods with groups such as the daughters of liberty, and were nurses, maids, and maids to individuals that were not in the family but who were significant figures such as soldiers and spies. Although women of this period are not given credit, these women helped make the war be a success behind the scenes. Brave women during this period enjoyed the growth of possibilities being established towards women, and one woman specifically who did was Mary Wollstonecraft. In Wollstonecraft’s “Vindication of the Rights of Women” Wollstonecraft states, “let women share the rights, and she will

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