Memory Database And Cloud Computing

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Consider In-memory Databases and Cloud Computing In-Memory Database / Cloud Computing Approach The industrial use of databases is advancing to the point where modern and fast solutions are required in most industries. Plattner (2011) states that "Sub-second response time and real-time analytics are key requirements for applications that allow natural human computer interactions. We envision users of enterprise applications to interact with their software tools in such a natural way, just like any Internet user interacts with a web search engine today by refining search results on the fly when the initial results are not satisfying" (Plattner, 2011). Keeping up with the South River hospital and pharmacy 's growth requires keeping up with this database technology. Subsequent queries are the second, third, and so on, queries similar to when web users perform a search using their search engine, only to refine the specifics to remove results non sequitur from their intended query. A sub-second response from the database is needed to keep the users mind on the task at hand and to not wander off. As Plattner states: "Any interval sufficiently longer than the speed-of-thought interval will be detected as waiting time and the user 's mind starts wandering to other topics, which is a process that cannot be consciously controlled. How this affects our users be they clinical or pharmacy, is increased accuracy to healthcare through technological advancement. Plattner further states
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