A Research Proposal On Big Data

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Research Proposal The research proposal can be developed from the topic of big data to match up the demands of enormous data flow in the dynamic world. Data visualization tools at significant cost can help up in analytics of big data and can form an innovative research proposal for analysis and extensive research. The real time data and the use of techniques of big data in this domain can form an excellent topic of research calling for formulating methodologies and strategies to tap the untapped potential of this field and to experiment more in the field of research. Since, real time processing acts as a game changer in big data the research developed would be to have an insight into real time analytics and streaming data to analyze the flow and to evaluate it using certain tools and techniques. This is one of the greatest challenge that is acting as a key barrier in widespread adoption and pervasive use of the tools fostering for development and progress in this field of study. The real time of the big data analytics would require some of the unique features and special computing powers and potentials (Gantz, 2012). Tools have to made specially advanced so as to incorporate process terms in real time (Chen, 2012). Every business oriented organization should be transformed into information centric (Kaisler, 2013) to focus upon the real time data analysis in terms of both input and output. However, there are some of the risks associated with adoption of big data for the

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