Memory Monologue

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The slow steady thrum of a machine sounds from somewhere behind you. You don’t recognize it. Where’s it from? When did it even start humming? You don’t know, nor do you remember it being there a few minutes ago, or was it an hour? Your brain is fuzzy, leaving spots of your memories foggy or gone completely, having disappeared in the time it took you to think of your next thought. This was confusing. It made your head hurt, a hammering ache behind your eyes that seemed to pulsate in time with your heartbeat. Your heartbeat? Why do you know the rhythm of your heart? Oh. There it is. To your left. Another machine perhaps? Probably, it seemed likely. It beeped in a soft chime in time with the thumping in your chest that you were aware of now. Huh...weird. …show more content…

You seem to feel perfectly tranquil now. Another flash of a memory of before you woke... Brown. Rough. Leather? Maybe burlap. No, definitely leather. Steel buckles holding said leather shut. What was it strapped to though? Oh. You remember now. It was you. You vaguely remember the feeling of rough leather against your ankles, thighs, chest, lower arms, wrists, biceps, and throat. But why? Why were you being restrained? You don’t remember struggling with anyone or anything. You just remember lying there silently. Why were you silent? You used to be very talkative. Odd. Oh. There was another strap in your mouth. A gag? Your face scrunches slightly in confusion. How weird. Why were you gagged? The confusion disappears as another machine beeps, this one a high-pitched beep that has you wincing and shifting away from the force. It grated on your nerves, clawed at your senses like someone had taken a nail and drug it across a metal slab. You make a soft noise, a mix between a grunt and a grumble of irritation before it finally shuts itself off. Odd. Oh well, it’s gone now and that’s what matters. It takes a small amount of effort to open your eyes, which is unusual. A few minutes later your eyes finally adjust to the soft …show more content…

You are mine now~” She coos softly at you, another screaming face stretching the thin substance that made her skin before she absently pushes it back into her form while you watch in horror. You watch helplessly as she turns on the second tube, a translucent colored liquid dripping into your veins and causing you to go numb. She picks up a scalpel, it's metallic tip glinting maliciously in the light as she gives a husky giggle that comes from the large gaping hole where her voice box was exposed to the air. A quick hand movement has the flesh of your stomach splitting open cleanly, blood welling out only to be soaked up by the greedy sponge material of her tongue, a thin layer of slime coating the edges of the flesh wound before probing deeper, between layers of muscle until your stomach split open to reveal your chest cavity and the mirage of colours that were your organs. You squirm uncomfortably, stomach churning at the odd slosh the fluid your organs floated in made as you shift around, causing you to stop fairly quickly. You feel none of this, although you are fairly certain you should be screaming and losing consciousness from pain, but the painkiller she had forced into your veins seems to be fairly powerful. You watch with morbid fascination as she proceeds to cut through the top layers of flesh and muscle of your legs, peeling them away from bone as she licks the blood up and pins the flesh and muscle to the

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