Mendoza The Jew: Boxing, Manliness And Nationalism

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Ronald Schechter and Liz Clarke recently released a book entitled Mendoza The Jew: Boxing, Manliness, and Nationalism. Based on a true story, the graphic novel follows prizefighter Daniel Mendoza. Born in 1765, Mendoza’s role in the British community was very limited. Many Jews were banned in Britain until after 1656. Even so, after the banning was unenforced, most Jews flew “under the radar” and lived in some of the poorest parts in England. Although they were technically part of society, they were treated as if they were not. Throughout the course of the book, we see the struggle that Daniel Mendoza goes through to achieve his goals. Here, we follow Mendoza on his journey to success. Upon further research, it became evident that…show more content…
Therefore, Mendoza was lacking on the support factor of boxing. Not letting that get in the way of things, he went on to fight in numerous places. Here, he took his defense method and rose to the top of the competition. In a sense, Daniel Mendoza was not only fighting for himself. Rather, he was fighting for all of those who were considered minorities and unimportant. He wanted to fight for equality within each other and prove that even though he is a Jew, that does not make him, or anyone for that matter, less of a person. Although Mendoza faced some obstacles, such as defeats and beatings, he did not let that get in the way of things. Daniel Mendoza made attempts to alter the nation and fit into the mainstream British society. He wanted to join the nation and make it a whole. The best way to do this was by getting involved in boxing.
Boxing was the common sport of British society and Daniel Mendoza played an important role in changing history. Those in British society soon began to realize that fighting this way was a good way to win. It allowed for fighters to strategize and work against their opponents. He is an important figure, such that he developed new tactics and defense mechanisms which boxers still use today. Had it not been for Daniel Mendoza, boxing probably would not be what it is today. He went on to be a champion and later died in 1836. His fighting is something that will always be a key part of the development of
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