Mental Illness: The Main Symptoms of Schizophrenia

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Mental illness is seen throughout society as a negative subject, many suffer through not only with the disorders but, also the shame that comes along. In this article we will look at one of the most severe mental disorders in hopes of achieving a better knowledge of the disorder and to debunk some of the misconceptions of having a mental disorder. Approximately fifty million Americans suffer from mental illness. Of those fifty million only about twenty-five percent seek help due to the stigma behind mental illness. Mental illness ranges anywhere from extremely mild cases to some of the more severe illness such as schizophrenia (Brown, Kaylene; Bradley, Loretta J. 2002). Schizophrenia is a mental illness, which affects one percent…show more content…
2012). SOCIO METHODS OF TREATMENT The treatments for schizophrenia vary and usually use a combination of treatments for the individual. The treatment involves several professionals for examples physicians, psychologist, therapists, and social workers. The reason for involving multidisciplinary is because schizophrenia has many dynamics. The first choice in treating schizophrenia is medication, the majority of patients can be relieved of many symptoms by medication alone however, almost always receive other treatments alongside. The medications used in treating schizophrenia are antipsychotics. Antipsychotics have been around and in use since 1950. Some of the earliest antipsychotics are still widely used for treatment today. They work by blocking the dopamine receptor. With blocking the release of dopamine the prolactin hormone is able to increase (Patterson, A., McCahill, A., & Margaret, E. 2010). As with any medication there are side effects. With these types of antipsychotics that increase prolactin hormone, it is common to see weight gain, enlarged breast tissue, and possibly even lactation. These side effects can be found in both men and women (Patterson, A., McCahill, A., & Margaret, E. 2010). Antipsychotics have also evolved in recent years; they have been made to work more efficiently. They work on a broader spectrum and can treat a wide variety of symptoms with less side effects, resulting in patients being able to
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