Mentoring And Coaching Research Paper

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Challenges of Mentoring and CoachingTobi Bledsoe Wayland Baptist University Abstract The purpose is to provide a summary of what you have found out about the subject and to convince the reader thThis paper highlights the challenges of mentoring and coaching. Organizations have placed a lot of emphasis on mentoring and coaching in today’s dynamic busy environment to remain competitive. Managers are expected to use mentoring and coaching skills to empower their staff for the betterment of the organization. The role of mentoring and coaching as well as their differences are reviewed. Despite their importance in the work place, there are still challenges that organizations are faced with mentoring and coaching to ensure their effectiveness. Challenges …show more content…

A mentor is a facilitator with no agenda except to have a mutually beneficial relationship towards improving the mentee. When the mentorship program is established properly, it will guide upcoming professionals by providing them a support structure to help the employee succeed and to improve the organization. A good example of mentoring is the General Electric (GE) entry level mentorship program which is designed for new college graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, relevant business or science degree to participate in the two-year Commercial Leadership Program (CLP). The focus of the program is to accelerate career talent with assignments to develop and expose candidates in the sales and sales support area of the company. This entails 3 or 4 rotational assignments in education from sales and leadership. The training is designed to guide and advance the participants to further their knowledge and skill of their field of business within the nine business units of GE. If the participants are successful in the Experienced CLP, they will be hired for future growth in the individual businesses within …show more content…

474). Differences between Mentoring and Coaching “Mentoring is defined as being concerned with ‘growing an individual’, both professionally and personally. It is linked with professional and career development, and is somewhat characterized by an ‘expert-novice’ relationship…… The expert-novice approach almost always takes place between staff within the same sector. It is typified by experienced staff mentoring or coaching less experienced or newly qualified staff within their profession” (Lord, Atkinson & Mitchell, 2008, p. 10) ‘“[Mentoring is a process] to help and support people to manage their own learning in order to maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance, and become the person they want to be (Parsloe, 1992, cited in Simkins et al., 2006, p. 323)’ ‘Mentoring is a development process, including elements of coaching, facilitating and counselling, aimed at sharing knowledge and encouraging individual

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