Mentoring Students With The Nursing And Midwifery Council ( Nmc )

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A mentor is a facilitator who empowers practitioners and draws them to learn for themselves by reflecting on practice (Fish, 2012). After mentoring students, this assignment will give me the opportunity to understand what a mentor is, as well as the importance of the role in supporting students through their journey in becoming a registered nurse. Reflecting upon my experience I will progress to discuss how I facilitated learning by creating learning opportunities. Literature will be reviewed, considering what theories underpin mentorship in order to facilitate my own learning. Giving negative feedback is an area which I feel inexperienced in, therefore I will explore this area to develop my confidence for future students. In compliance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2008), I must facilitate students and others to develop their competence. As a nurse, I have a professional duty to become a mentor. Anderson (2011) describes effective mentorship as a necessity to ensure students can progress to competent nurses. Supporting the learning and development of a student nurse is an integral part of being a qualified nurse (Casey and Clark 2011). Fulton (1995) explains; to enable learners to learn through practice, mentors need skills, abilities and capacity to (re)construct their own knowledge for themselves and each other by thinking and reflecting together. Hand (2006b) states that education is an important component of the nursing role and the quality of

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