Menu Evaluation : Recipe And Beverage List For A Commercial Operation Essay

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Assessment 1: Menu Evaluation Date of submission: August 21, 15 Friday
Name: Vaibhav Vishen
Student ID: L572407
Topic: Menu Evaluation

Through this assessment I will be drawing my understanding based on the knowledge and my views on factors that one should consider when planning a menu and beverage list for a commercial operation. For better understanding I will be using Little Penangs menu, which is a Traditional style Malaysian restaurant based in wellington CBD, as a model for interpreting and critiquing it from a design and ergonomic perspective. Also to start with the first step in creating an à la Carte menu is to identify the customer wishes and their assumed value decisions for the daypart in question. (Barrish, 2103, p. 50) “This consists of information concerning the public’s buying preferences and how well the sellers business meets those preferences as viewed by the potential buyer”. (Kotschevar & Withrow, 2008, p. 65) Little Penang is a traditional family restaurant that serves Malaysian food and gives a variety of options for lunch and dinner. They use print and the chalkboard as a medium of showcasing their menu. Non-Laminated Quality paper with a readable font for almost all age groups, the printed menu is a one page À La Carte menu (California menu style) with six groupings. I will be critiquing the menu on the basis of the following criteria:
1. Quality: Typeface, Type of paper, Quality of paper, Legibility, Colour Schemes.

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