Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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People who become gay or lesbian have to deal with the rejection from their family members and all the problems they face, due to what their sexual identity is. This problem leads into the book Metamorphosis, which Franz Kafka used many different characters, the plot, and setting to show many allegories. However, this is about how Gregor is facing this problem of being a bug, which is an allegory representing someone who is gay or lesbian and facing the same problems. It is shown through how his parents grieve for him, his eating disorder, and how his family is trying to ignore him. Gregor coming out of his room as a bug is an allegory of a family member coming out and telling their family that they are gay or lesbian. Grieving of the …show more content…

But Gregor begins to like different foods, that he does not normally eat. It is like when Gays and lesbians have trouble eating, due to all of the stress. Since everyone around them, even their family is ignoring them and look poorly upon them. This is what Gregor feels, he is stressed out about what has happened to him and that his family is not helping him at all. That is why he is not eating his food, while his family still does not help him and it eventually leads up to his death. His family begins to try and ignore that he is there and hope it goes away. His family is trying to ignore that he is there, "Other times he was not at all in the mood to look after his family, he was filled with simple rage about the lack of attention he was shown…" (41). His family starts to go on with their lives and forget about Gregor, who is still in his room. They go off to work in different jobs, come home and take care of three gentlemen. His sister almost stops cleaning his room now and just quickly goes in and gets out to give him his food. Trying to get out and go off to do her work or something else. While Gregor is getting mad about getting no attention from his family. Like what happens with people who are gay or lesbian, their families try to forget what has happened to one of their family members. So they could get on with their lives and leave the “disgrace” of the family behind. Which is what is happening with Gregor and his family. His family is

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