Method Under Uncertain Conditions By Generating Fuzzy Membership Function

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Sqfe method Under Uncertain Conditions by Generating Fuzzy Membership Function Abstract: The quality-based approach SQFE (Suivi Qualite Par le Fournisseur Exterieur) has been introduced by three automotive corporations to measure the quality of supplier products. This approach proposes a general criterion by which inspection samples are classified to different demerit categories with different weights, to compute mean unit demerit for each measurable quality characteristic. However, the assignment of an actual and crisp demerit weight to each sample is unrealistic, in the face of the unavoidable measurement errors as well as the inevitable uncertainty involved in human judgment. In this paper an improved estimation procedure which is based on fuzzy logic instead of bivalent logic, is presented to calculate s. The fuzzy set theory is used to add more accuracy and flexibility to the analysis. For this aim, “likelihood view” has been adapted to generate fuzzy membership function, in order to assign the appropriate demerit weight to each sample. In addition, a numerical example that evaluates products based on the proposed method and compares it with the current standard procedure is presented. INTRODUCTION Many kinds of classification systems have been provided in various military and International organizations for Standardization (ISO)such as, quality rating systems which have been applied and extended to define, classify, and evaluate none conformities

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