Methods of Evangelism

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Ruby Krucky
EVAN 101-D15 LUO
December 3, 2012
Methods of Evangelism

Part ONE- Evangelistic Method #1
Of the two evangelistic intellectual methods, I have chosen to research the “Four Spiritual Laws.” Bill Bright wrote, “Just as there are physical laws that govern how the physical universe, so are there spiritual laws that govern your relationship with God. This method is most used in presenting the Gospel to someone because it is simpler. Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, originally wrote this as a booklet. This booklet was designed to help individuals to be more effectual in their witness for Jesus. The Four Spiritual Laws are used to convict, convince, and convert. The Laws are as followed:
Law 1: God …show more content…

It is the most effective way of winning souls. This method should be used on people, whom one interact with the most, people who know someone and see them on a regular basis. Lifestyle evangelism creates a nurturing environment to extend an invitation to Christ. This means an unbeliever will feel a sense of belonging before becoming a believer. Research has shown that a non-believer would be likely to give a believer the opportunity to share their faith, when the believer 's life has proven that their words are sincere, and life altering. In this way, the non-believer would feel a sense of worth before they expose themselves to the Inspired Word.
There are some advantages to using the Lifestyle Relational method. In particular, the Father sent Jesus to be the absolute light, to be an example, and demonstrate how people of God should live. We should be living proof that Our Father is who he says he is; that Christ truly is the Son who freed people from slavery to self; and that the Holy Spirit honestly can transform our life. This is truly an advantage affirmation. This example of showing is not a substitute for telling. If words were all we used to explain the gospel, then people would never understand it enough to submit to Jesus. However, showing a person is a necessary preparation for telling. People will always buy into your words when your actions back them up. We must live a life that

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