Mexican American Relationships

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than Americans do. In addition, the authors found cultural differences and cultural similarities among the U.S. Residents, Russians, and Lithuanians. For instance, for the U.S. interviewees friendship and comfort love are important features of romantic love. According to the authors, one of the main purpose of this journal article is to answer the question that romantic love is cultural universal or not based on the data collected from the participants (De Munck, Korotayev, De Munck, & Khaltourina, 2011, p. 27). Indeed, everyone has a different meaning of the term romantic love. Certainly, it is important for couples to talk to each other of ways to overcome any conflicts that may arise in a relationship. People who avoid conflicts by avoiding…show more content…
Generally, one of the partners always has a tendency to blame, criticize, or lack of comprehension towards his or her partner. Mutual communications in a relationship are important to avoid fighting with a partner. During conflicts, people usually argue without listening to their partner. Couples should learn more of ways to improve their listening skills. It is important during a conflict for couples to come up with a solution to the problem, instead of arguing of whose right. The better the person know about his or her partner’s culture the easier it is to understand the partner. A journal article, “Mexican American Adolescent Couples Communicating about Conflict” consisted of a study on how young adolescents’ communication issues affected their relationship. This study by Rueda and Williams (2016) studied a group of Mexican American adolescent couples and their relationship issues. These authors used different methods and techniques to prove in their study the communication patterns among these adolescents. For example, the authors used observation technique using videotaped to prove how couples interacted with one another (Rueda & Williams, 2016). The data collected in this study proves that a high number of individuals blamed or criticized their partner. Furthermore, the study discussed Mexican American adolescent couples also have the lack of understanding towards their…show more content…
Effective communication is very important in relationships because it will avoid problems in couples’ relationships. Men and women who are in a relationship should learn about his or her partner’s culture diversity such as food, beliefs, values, and language. Couples who are constantly fighting and arguing lack of communication skills. The couples who are continually fighting should learn how to communicate well and manage conflicts. Language usage is a communication style that is different in every culture. People who are in intercultural relationships usually use words and phrases that have a different meaning compare to his or her partner’s culture. It is important to find ways to solve an argument and understand how the partner is emotionally feeling. Someone who listens with the intent to understand uses a positive strategy to avoid an argument. Lack of trust is another issue intercultural relationships tend to have. Trust in relationships is important because it will enrich the love in couples’ relationships. Intercultural couples should respect each other differences and work together in their
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