Mexican Independence

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Mexican Independence In New Spain, the Bourbon monarchies in 1808-1810 encouraged some creoles leaders to strike for total independence under the cover of Ferdinand. On July 1808, Napoleon’s capture of Charles the VI and Ferdinand the VII, and capture of Spain reached Mexico causing intense debate between Mexican elites. Creoles and Peninsulars prepared to take power and ensure their group would have power over the other; New Spain, like other Spanish colonies, went through the crisis of the Bourbon monarchy from 1808- 1810. Yet, in Mexico what pushed for independence from Spain would be the elite’s race for power.
The creoles were the first to take action. The Mexico City cabildo called on the viceroy to summon an assembly. It was
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It was followed by a long period of war at the Siege of Cuautla. Morelos military efforts were hampered by differences with fractious civilian allies and by his decision to establish a representative government at a time. In 1815, Morelos was captured by Spanish colonial authorities, tried and executed for treason in San Cristóbal Ecatepec on 22 December.
After ten years of civil war and the death of two of its founders, by early 1820 the independence movement was stalemated and close to collapse. The rebels faced stiff Spanish military resistance and the apathy of many of the most influential criollos. The violent excesses and populist zeal of Hidalgo 's and Morelos 's irregular armies had reinforced many criollos ' fears of race and class warfare, ensuring their grudging acquiescence to conservative Spanish rule until a less bloody path to independence could be found. It was at this juncture that the machinations of a conservative military caudillo coinciding with a successful liberal rebellion in Spain, made possible a radical realignment of the proindependence forces. Vicente Guerror, planned to combine independence, monarchy, the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church, and the civil equality of the creoles and peninsulares.

While stationed in the town of Iguala, Iturbide
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