Mexico Case Study

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Back in 2012, Enrique Peña Nieto was elected president of Mexico. He and past president Barack Obama were great friends and the relationship between Mexico and the US had no problems. A few years later in November 2016, Donald Trump was elected president. Enrique Peña Nieto wanted to maintain the same friendship he had as before with the US but that all changed when Trump started to make racist comments about his country decided to block immigration from Mexico. He didn’t like it and kept it in until Donald Trump announced he was making the wall along the Mexican border. This infuriated him so he knew he had to stop it but Mexico is weak compared to the US so Enrique Peña Nieto took matters to his own hand. He spent half of the country's…show more content…
The building’s security system has been activated and the elevator automatically stopped at the 10th floor. The elevator doors opened and El’ Transformer went out. There were the stairs located on the other side of the elevators but there were traps on the way there. There were 4 mines that he had to get across. There were two mines in the right side of the hall, two on the left, and there was a pillar in between both of them. (Course 10- # 1) El’ Transformer ran towards the wall in between the mines and then (Course 10- #2 ) rotated across the wall to get past the mines. There were another security measure. There were sharp spikes across the ground so El’ Transformer (Course 10- #3) reflected across the spikes and (Course 10- #4) ran to the stairs. El’ Transformer had to stop at the 17th floor because he could hear security guards heading down the stairs from above. He opened the door to the 17th floor and locked it from outside. (Course 17- #1) He then walked to the hallway on that floor. He now has to go to the other stairs across the room to reach the final room. Once he was there, he saw 4 laser trip wires that activates the bomb next to them One laser was broken so El’ Transformer didn’t have to worry about it. (Course 17#2) He reflected through the lasers and is now behind a sentry turret. There’s one facing away from him and one guarding the stairs. (Course 17#3) El’ Transformer runs behind an empty desk. There’s a group of security guards

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