Meyer's Briggs Test

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My personality is based on the events we go through, the places we have been and our interest in life. The events in our life whether they be tragedies or comedies creates how we see the world, which some people would say makes you positive or negative person. The second part that forms our personality is based on how familiar we are with the world outside ours. I believe that the more you have traveled and experienced different settings and lifestyles helps shape the needs and wants of our own life. Along with the Meyer’s Briggs Test depending on how we do task or what we prioritise decides what configures our hobbies. Depending on the hobbies we like shows whether we are an analyser, diplomat, sentinels or an explorer. Each part of my theory…show more content…
Based on the test I am an extraverted, sensing, feeler that perceives. From the four outcomes I feel the most strongly for the fact that I am an extroverted person because I love being around and meeting new people. I definitely did not think this was true until I was on Voyageurs this summer and we came across a fishing lodge. Even just a simple hello made me feel great. Out of my four results I feel I am more of an intuition than sensing, just because I tend to think about my future and how I would like for it to turn…show more content…
I am first born in my family which mean I should be cautious, controlling and an achiever. I do not see myself as any of these, in fact my brother fits this description more than me. I think I have more traits of an only child last born. In my opinion I feel the rolls would be flipped. The oldest is more of an attention seeker because they are use to having all the attention, they had to find friends rather that being born into having a friend making us outgoing and it is not like the oldest has never manipulated their younger siblings into thinking that they were adopted. The youngest is more cautious because they have seen the consequences the oldest has gotten from doing something bad, which would also make them the achiever of the family after seeing what their sibling have already done they have the chance to one up the
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