Mezquita De Córdoba in Southern Spain

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Mezquita De Córdoba The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba represents the many cultural changes the city of Córdoba and the areas around it have gone through. It has stood in the center of the city for over a millennium, and it doesn’t look like it will fall anytime soon. It covers over 24,000 square meters (about 250,000 square feet), and is 9 meters tall at its lowest and 30 meters tall at its highest. The Cathedral of Córdoba is officially called The Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, but it was originally built by the Islamic Moors to be a place of worship for muslims. Historians believe that before the mosque was built, there was a temple to the Roman God Janus on the same site. That temple was then converted into a church by the Visigoths before they were conquered by the Moors. It was split in 2 and used as both a church and a mosque until it was torn down and replaced with the Mosque of Cordoba. In the year 784 AD, construction for the mosque started under the emir Abd Ar-Rahman 1. It took well over 2 centuries to finish, and even after it did it went through many changes. A new minaret was added, and some design changes were made including a more decorative mihrab (signals the direction of Kaaba, a place that is very holy to muslims), and a courtyard for orange trees was placed inside it. It reached its current size in the year 987 when construction was completed. The architects of the building planned to place Roman columns with special capitals, including some that

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