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MICA Case Study: Malincho 1. Timmons Model of Entrepreneurial Process The Timmons model was developed by Jeffery Timmons to help entrepreneurs improve their odds of success. The model centres on that the entrepreneurship is opportunity driven. According to this model, first of all, it is the entrepreneur, who is the driving factor in launching a new company. Within the three components, the process starts with a market opportunity, where the size and type of opportunity will define the team and resources. [pic] a. The Entrepreneur: Kalin Pentchev Kalin Pentchev is - Creative: Online sales for his products in 2001 when internet shopping was relatively uncommon - Dedicated: Single-mindedly manages the business on his own - …show more content…

• Connect 4 recommend Kalin to target all potential investors utilizing his entire network of contacts with his business plan. We anticipate the investor list would include the following: • Russian warehouse owner – Trust: because Kalin has developed a relationship with the warehouse owner where he has the keys to the factory now and is also selling his products over the online shop • Bulgarian winery – given Kalin past dealing with him and his interest Kalin should also see him as a potential investor. He has the capacity with 16 businesses as well as experience and not to forget that he was the one who introduced him to this business. • Aunt in Bulgaria – she is the only member of the family who has in the past helped him when it was most needed and she can also be a good help to manage the affairs in Bulgaria with his business. • Other potential investors – owner of the Greek restaurant, where he was working part time after his graduation; French Lady; existing customer base. 3. Investor Concerns - How Kalin will manage given his time? Connect 4 have concerns that Kalin is working every awake hour therefore may lose vision and direction of Malincho’s. If the business continues to grow, Malincho shall be in greater difficulty. - Cash flow concerns? Connect 4 are extremely

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