Michael Fallen's Ministry Of Defence (MOD)

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Ministry of Defence (MOD)
The head of the ministry of defence is currently Michael Fallen (MP). He is supported by three junior ministers,
I. The Minister of State for the Armed Forces, Penny Mordaunt MP
II. The Minister for Defence Procurement, Philipe Dunne MP
III. The Minister for Veterans, Mark Lancaster TD MP
These are responsible for the British Army, The Royal Marines, The Royal Navy and The Royal Air Force. They are in charge of all aspects of the Armed Forces, they are responsible for looking after soldiers and daily missions in all of the forces, they are in charge of making sure that all the armed forces have the correct equipment, training and support that is needed. They are responsible for defences against threats and are responsible
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They help to provide nuclear deterrence and strategic intelligence. The MOD provides emergency services in crises and provides a defence contribution to the UK. Their job is to provide security for stabilisation for the public; they also do this by projecting their military power by intervention on affairs and statistical missions.
(GOV.UK, Ministry of Defence, 2015)
The MOD work with the USA overseas in joint operations and contingency planning, they help with defence. In the USA the MOD communicates the broader transatlantic defence relationships, evaluates UKs interests in political matters and military matters and provides advice to others and the UK on defending their countries.
(GOV.UK, British Defence Staff, USA, 2015)

Ministry of Justice (MOJ)

The current of State for Justice is Michael Gove MP; he is in charge of the MOJ. They are currently the largest government department; they work with Legal Aid agency, Office of The Public Guardian, HM Court and Tribunals
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