Microsoft Office As The Front End For The Code Developed

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Microsoft office offers developers to create Add-in by using Microsoft Office as the front end for the code developed. One take advantage of familiar Microsoft office user interface and its tools. Visual studio can be used to customize Office applications and add specific features which is needed. User can turn Word into a contract generator that assembles contracts out of pre-existing parts that can be made editable or not editable. With Excel, user can create an automated budget worksheet customized for different projects. There are many types of Office solutions by using Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) templates available in the Office developer tools in Visual Studio.
A project can be developed in two ways. First when a user wants to execute the code when a specific document is open. Second, user want code to be available whenever the application is running. Thus to provide both the types of functionality following types of project templates for VSTO-based Office development are provide by Visual Studio

Document-level Customizations

Document-level customizations are one of the template for VSTO which consist of an assembly that is associated with a single document in Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office Excel. The assembly is loaded when the associated document is opened. Document-Level Customizations cannot make wide changes, such as displaying a new menu item or ribbon tab when any document is open.
Visual Studio provides tools to create document-level
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