Microsoft's Accounting Cycle Or Fiscal

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Microsoft Microsoft is traded on the NASDAQ stock market using the ticker symbol is MSFT. The current stock price as of October 14th 2015 is $46.84. The trading range over the past year has been between $39.72 and $50.05. The dividend rate is $1.44 and their yield is 3.06. Satya Nadella is Microsoft CEO; he is only the third CEO in Microsoft’s history. Their headquarters are located at One Microsoft Way Redmond, Washington. Microsoft’s accounting cycle or fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th. The ending date of their latest year was June 30th 2015. Microsoft offers many products. They have around 10 different categories of products and services: windows, email and communications, office, cloud and online services, hardware and multimedia, servers, developer tools, internet and browsers, business solutions, games and entertainment. They are all computer, tablet, phone related service and products. Some major ones we know are word, excel, windows 8, Xbox, and office 365, just to name a few. Although I cannot find exact data on the main geographic area, I would assume the United States because it is a U.S. company. To add, Microsoft has subsidiaries in almost 120 countries all around the world. The United States is not its only geographic area. Microsoft uses an accounting firm named Deloitte and Touche LLP out of Seattle Washington as its independent accountants and their chief accounting officer is Frank H. Brod. In the 2014 annual report the auditors stated that

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