Middle Park High: A Short Story

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If you knew anything about Penelope Wood you wouldn’t expect her to be lying dead on the cold cement just meters away from the last incident, and yes this isn’t the first time someone has “committed suicide” at Middle Park High. I find it absurd that anyone would ever think she would purposely climb to the top of the science block and jump, like what makes those stupid cops think it was a suicide? Not to mention only the teachers had keys to the stairs after what Thomas did. Something like this would never have crossed her mind and I most definitely know this because she was my friend, not just because she was the only one who stuck by when everyone else harassed me after my Mother made me cut my hair like a boy but because we were almost the…show more content…
Kipps office with only the feeling of numb anger coursing through me, I can faintly hear his croaky “I smoke at least 25 cigarettes a day” voice on the phone to my parents muttering things like “I’m sorry” and “she doesn’t seem to be taking it well” like I’m supposed to be ecstatic that my only friend had 48 minutes ago “jumped” off a building and right about now her milky white skin would be turning even paler like somehow that is possible while surrounded by stupid people who didn’t even know her, sharing stupid stories from kindergarten like that’s going to magically bring her back. This is all too much for me, I can feel my stomach convulsing and after a split decision I’m up and running, during my marathon to the bathroom I can see the ambulance, people crowding it and right out of the corner of my eye The Old Man with The Grin, well he’s the school’s groundskeeper but Penelope used to call him that and tell me about how she would ditch class to keep him company. I always found it strange that she would voluntarily spend time with a random old man but every time I’d bring it up she would chant “KARMA” like somehow, she would be praised for her good deed. Walking back to Mr. Kipps office I noticed the ambulance is gone and so is everyone else besides the old man, he’s standing right next to the ledge Penelope allegedly jumped from with like always, a grin. Yet when he noticed me he waved but with a sudden look of
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