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Midterm Study Sheet

The midterm will draw on the following major themes we have discussed so far during the course. As you study, please consider not only each individual theme, but also the ways in which these themes may be related to one another. Essay questions will be drawn from these themes, but may ask you to relate two or more of them within the same question. The best answers will synthesize thematic material we have discussed in lecture with specific details from both lecture and readings.

Colonial Recreation and Leisure: How did changing Anglo-American attitudes about work, labor, and leisure in the 1600s and 1700s shape the recreational practices of colonial America? What does Nancy Struna mean by the “leisure
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What roles did urbanization, industrialization, specialization, commercialization, and mass media play in these developments?

Urbanization, Industrialization, and Social Change: Have some idea of the changes in transportation, communication, technology, and law that spurred the rise of an urbanized and industrialized capitalist economy in the Northeast and upper Midwest in the first decades of the 19th century. How did industrialization and the factory system change the location and nature of work? What were some differences between “pre-modern” and “modern” work culture? How did employers and reformers attempt to impose new kinds of social power over the workforce? How did these economic changes correlate with changes in political citizenship and public identity in the industrial city? In what ways did they begin to alter the lived nature of time and space? How did they change the relationship between work and leisure? Be prepared to think about the relationship between these economic, social, and political changes and the kinds of recreational behavior observed in prize fighters, harness racers, and other self-defined sportsmen in the early nineteenth century. How did the emergence of an inexpensive popular press change the relationship between participants and

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