Essay on Midterm Exam ( Review)

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Exam Review 1 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Each of the following functions are within the framework for Human Resources Management EXCEPT: a. recruitment and selection. b. training and development. c. employee relations. d. employee discipline. 2. Which of the following is NOT a primary impact that technology has had on HRM? a. It has improved the processes of internal and external communications. b. It has altered the methods of collecting employment information. c. It has diminished the role of supervisors in managing employees. d. It has speeded up the processing of employment data. 3. The individual’s skills, knowledge, and capabilities that have economic value …show more content…

d. it can help maintain the corporate culture. ____ 16. All of the following are purposes of application forms, EXCEPT: a. they provide information for initial decisions whether an applicant meets the minimum job requirements. b. they indicate the gender of the applicant. c. they provide a basis for varifying the background of the applicant. d. they provide a consistent format for collecting specific information. ____ 17. Asking an applicant what they actually did in a given situation is typical of which interview approach? a. structured b. behaviuoral c. non-directive d. situational ____ 18. The interview approach that uses a set of standardized questions and an established set of answers is known as: a. stress producing. b. nondirective. c. mixed. d. structured. ____ 19. The four phases of a system model of training are: a. organization analysis, task analysis, person analysis, and performance analysis. b. needs assessment, program design, training delivery, and evaluation. c. needs assessment, person assessment, program implementation, and evaluation. d. organization assessment, KSA assessment, person assessment, and evaluation. ____ 20. __________ refers to an ongoing change in behaviour and thinking. a. training b. development c. practice d. learning ____ 21. Organization analysis, task analysis, and person analysis are all part of what phase of the system model? a. evaluation phase b. goal-setting phase c. needs assessment phase d. training and development

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