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English 101-60 has taught me many things and has helped me grow and develop my skills as a writer. It has taught me how to think more creatively and use clear concrete details. In the beginning of the semester, our first writing assignment was a narrative journal entry that focused on writing about an uninteresting moment from your life and making it interesting. This was a challenging assignment because it was a broad topic that allowed the writers to take it in any direction. I remember thinking I had no idea what I am going to write about. Once I was able to narrow down the ideas I started writing what a traumatic experience I had six years ago. This was when I underwent the surgical procedure, to remove my gallbladder. My main focus …show more content…

Once I found that topic, I was able to start writing the research paper, My group faced a couple of challenges along the way. One of the biggest challenges we faced was all of us meeting the length requirement because were all still in the beginning stages of the assignment. The workshop group was a new experience for me because I have never worked with that many person, this kind of overwhelmed me because there was so many opinion on one paper. The groups weakness was, our lack of organization. Fortunately, we were able to make this up with all of us being very truthful towards each other and not sugarcoating the revisions we suggested among our papers. We all accomplished the beginning stages of writing our research papers and making sure everyone had their thesis there. Over the semester I have been challenged and intrigued over and over by the content of this course and the professor, who thought I could develop a fairly strong paper if it was not for all my grammatical errors. It has been a very enlightening and enthralling experience that has taught me a new way to write a paper. In high school there was only one way to write and that was it. I think that this class is a great way for students to think out of the box, rather than having to be stuck. It allows them to write more freely about a subject, and I am very thankful for that. I have learned many new skills and improved the skills I already

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