Migration And Racial Tension Of Australia

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Migration and racial tension
I believe that the two topics that I have chosen relate to each other in many ways. The racial tension came from the migrating races to Australia, and the issues that the Australians of the time had with the “new people”. The migration occurred because there was a growing business in a new country, there were more opportunities for trade and everyone wanted to try their luck on the gold fields. I found the migrating story’s from the Chinese to be more of an interesting theme. This is the same with the racial tension, the mass groups of Chinese were the main targets with the racism.
Most migrants that came to Australia to grab a share of the gold rush, left behind family and home. In traditional Chinese culture this was particularly difficult for them to come from a parent’s heavy focused family system, to an alien country to live.
The Chinese people that came to Australia were typically men brining there family over with them to work for an income that would be big enough to support them. The wife however was left at home to forfill the role of looking after her in-laws in this time. The family would have to work for them aswell, and send a percentage of there profit over.
As the population of chinses immergents started to climb, they were starting to become apart of population statistics. If you were Chinese by birth and you were outside NSW, the governments of the other states took advantage of you and made you pay a special reentry
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