Harley Davidson Marketing Strategy Essay

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Discuss the attractiveness of the women motorcyclist market in terms of size and growth.
As pointed out in the video, Harley Davidson is fully committed to fostering and growing the women motorcyclist market. Women today represent a large sector of the workforce, enjoy higher incomes than 20 years ago, and possess more disposable income. Furthermore, women are much more empowered than ever before and are encouraged to exercise their freedom of expression and individualism.
To fill their psychological needs of freedom and individualism, as well as their sense of adventure, women are purchasing customized motorcycles by the thousands. Harley Davidson has certainly recognized the women motorcyclist market as a great growth opportunity for …show more content…

In an effort to enhance the customer’s purchasing experience, Harley Davidson has implemented a comprehensive training program for all store managers and staff personnel. The objectives of the training program are to educate the staff on women purchasing habits and specific needs for female owners, as well as how to effectively communicate with female consumers. As a general rule women are typically better informed about a particular product, less impulsive on major purchases, and ask more questions than their male counterparts. Therefore, it is critical that staff members know how to interface with female consumers.
Harley Davidson recognizes that the needs of a male motorcyclist are quite different than the needs of a female motorcyclist. Women prefer motorcycles which look like the traditional motorcycle, but fit and feel better. Although Harley Davidson sells the same basic model motorcycle to men and women (with some slight variations in seat and comfort amenities) for generally the same reasons, how they position the product to the two separate markets is quite different. Behavioral patterns as it relates to purchasing, as well as some variations in physical needs and wants, warrant a separate approach for product positioning.

Discuss the improvements needed to support the growth of this promising service sector.
As highlighted in the case study, India’s Domestic Gross Product (GDP) was well over 3 trillion in 2005 and the

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