Mildred's Change Analysis

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Mildred’s Change After reading part of the story you can conclude that MIldred has changed from the beginning to now. She’s become self-centered,robotic, and unfeeling. Montag has also noticed. Mildred has changed over time. First, one reason is when MIldred is self-centered because when Montag asked her to do something she refused. Montag asked “Go let him in, will you? Tell him I’m sick.” She replied back with “Tell him yourself.” Mildred didn’t listen to Montag because she didn’t want to. She only does what she wants. She also didn’t listen when he told her no. I don’t want my pillow fluffed, but she was almost one hundred percent on her decision. Second, Mildred is robotic because she’s a rule follower. She does what everyone else
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