Militarized Caste System

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be more expensive, more overcrowded, more militarized, and the most aggressive in the country’s history. It is fair to say the system is racist, but even if we took all people of color out of prison, leaving only the white majority, we would still be over-incarcerated. Our nation would still face awful police brutality, and we would still need to reform our corrupted criminal justice system.
As a whole, the United States has a larger problem than simply the police. 80 billion dollars a year of American taxes go toward funding the prison complex, used by the wealthy elite to control the deprived in the dark, maintaining a divided population. This seems eerily similar to the early days of slavery, and this 3-tiered caste system still looms over society. Due to a poorly structured education system, black students are more than twice as likely to be suspended from school than white students, and only half of black Americans graduate from high school, while 75% of white Americans get to walk on graduation day. Consequently, black males are twice as likely to be unemployed as white males after high school. Of course there are exceptions across the nation, but this trend proves to show that as a whole, the entire structure of our
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It is clear to people across the nation that poverty within the white community is also very bad. Economists and poverty experts estimate that for everyone in the United States, half of them live in poverty. There is a myth in our country surrounding the phrase, social mobility. Social mobility is in a sense the “American dream”, and has long been forgotten due to decades of disinvestment in small communities. This has left these many pockets across the United States with poor local economies, few to no jobs, a diminishing tax base, and absolutely nothing to bring new residents or business to their respective
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