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The word culture has been commonly used in the current society. However, it is worth noting its true definition. Biagetti & Lugli (2014) asserts that if one made an inquiry of its meaning from anthropologists whose sole responsibility is studying culture, then it is common knowledge that he would receive a variety of answers from them. Despite the different definitions, most of them put emphasis on same aspects. For this discussion, therefore, the definition of culture will be given. Also, the article will provide its five primary characteristics, and the overview of the physical geography, military conflict and its impact on Turkish society. The definition of culture that will be used is that it is a complex whole that makes …show more content…

This followed the failure of a two-year process of achieving peace in the countries. The failure stemmed from the increasing tensions that have been witnessed along the Syrian borders through the high influx of refugees coming into Turkey (Orhan, 2014, p. 33). The conflict has massively impacted this society because of the destabilizations that have been caused. Provision of services has been massively affected. The refugees have put a strain on the available services. The levels of education in the country have also been affected. It is because the conflict interferes with the uptake of knowledge and sometimes even driving school going people away.
The article above has discussed the concept of culture. It has mentioned its five primary characteristics encompassing the concepts of learning, sharing, integration, dynamism and symbolism. Besides, common features of culture have been put into perspective. The similar aspects here encompass purpose and mission, values and principles, rites of initiation, and history and traditions. The last issue that has been discussed encompass the overview of the physical geography, military conflict and its impact on the Turkish

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