Military Situation Analysis

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It is hard for an individual who has never served to understand that once you enter the military, you have entered a brother and sisterhood that will last a lifetime. A lot of time and effort goes into molding an individual, who only thinks of himself to serving his fellow brothers and sisters.
As I have served in the Army, one of the main principles that were ingrained over the course of four and half years that I served were that of the Army values. As you start from the very beginning in basic training, an individual must understand that how he or she reacts to certain situations will determine how good the experience will be or if has a negative attitude to the situation, that it will be not a pleasant experience. One situation that comes
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It was late summer in 2012 and rumors had been circling around the company that a unit within the company to deploy to Afghanistan for a nine-month tour. At the end of September 2012, we had been called to a meeting with our family members to the local church on base. As the meeting began, my wife and I were nervous about what the meeting be about and what will happen to our future. As we both suspected, we were told that two units within the company were going to deploy for a nine-month tour at the end of the year. I still did not know whether would deploy due to an injury that I suffered early in my military career. As I had been chosen to deploy with the unit, I and my wife started to prepare for the nine-month separation. We had decided that moving home back to Boise would not be a good idea, being that we were on the east coast. I called my brother-in-law, who has been in the military and has been deployed that if she could stay there with them. It is now December and we are now getting the final preparations to leave Fort Stewart to Afghanistan. Since all the preparation had been made to deploy, a new emotion had started to creep into my mind, it was that of fear. Before I got married, I never feared the uncertainty of what each day brought. Knowing that I was going to leave for nine months to a place that hated me for just wearing an American uniform, it put the fear of
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