Military Sustainment Operations

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Your discussion board has a lot of valid points in the topic of US Military Sustainment Operations. You stated about the concern of the shrinking of our Military and the possibility of losing our technological superiority. I agree that instead of downsizing our military we need to be building it. It’s sad when there are extremely qualified CW3’s and CW4’s that didn’t make promotion only to be forced out. Those aviators that are being forced out are a big part of our senior leadership that will no longer be there. When funds get cut from our military, so too does our steps ahead to strive for technological advancement. It is good that we are so well versed in Sustainment Operations and being able to work jointly with the other branches of the …show more content…

ADRP 4-0 defines Sustainment as the provision of logistics, personnel services, and health service support necessary to maintain operations until successful mission completion. ADRP 4-0 makes a point that says “sustainment is essential to retaining and exploiting the initiative.” Looking back at the Air Campaign of Kosovo clearly demonstrates a successful air mobility theater sustainment operations. It was the air mobility that was the driving force between the success of enabling and sustaining the air war that ultimately led to Slobodan Milosevic to partake in NATO demands. During this period the US air mobility team provided for the aid of thousands of Kosovo refugees of conflict. To meet these successes the Air Mobility Command was faced with providing continuous fighters, bombers, other air assets, munitions, logistics, and resupply. During this time the C130 proved to be a crucial player flying hundreds of missions to resupply US forces and was also responsible for delivering an enormous amount of relief aid supplies to the refugees. Another crucial player to the air mobility campaign was the use of the tankers. One example that proved the Air Force’s tankers to be successful players in the realm of sustainment was when a single F117 crashed over Serbian owned lands and with the help of the tankers allowed a massive search and rescue operation that lasted over roughly six hours that ultimately led the pilot to be

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