US Marine Corps Operations

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The United States Military has been around since June 14, 1775. Many things have come and many have left. The President of the United States is the commander in chief, who is responsible for all decisions. Each branch of the Military has a unique mission of security and peace. But the United States Marine Corps is known the rapid reaction force because they are normally the first boots on the ground. The U.S. Armed Forces are made up of 5 armed branches, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy.
Each branch is responsible for its own missions depending on how important the mission is they may send in a Special Force Unit. Some of the major Special Force Units are Green Berets (Army), The Night Stalkers (Army), FAST (Marine Corps), Navy Seals (Navy), Delta Force (Army), Force Recon (Marine Corps). Although there are many more Special Unit Forces.
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Military as of 2013 had 541,291 Army members, 195,338 Marine Corps members, 317,237 Navy members, 333,772 Air Force members, 42,357 Coast Guard members. Each one belongs to an elite group of service branch. They all do special missions and have a special force teams. The Marine Corps have the lowest amount of service members besides the Coast Guard. The Marine Corps are known as the tough guys in the Military. In the special force units there are many other service men and women. There are about 60 platoons all together in the Navy SEALS. A platoon consists of 15-30 people all together. 1 officer, 11 Non-commissioned officers, 27 enlisted soldiers, 3 people in platoon HQ(Head Quarters), a Platoon Leader, Platoon Sargent, and a radio and telephone operator (RATELO). There are about 2,400 active duty Navy SEALs in the United States Military. Another elite Military group is the Green Berets. They have 5,500 Active Duty service members and 1,100 National Guard Members. I think that many people that join the Military have no place to go besides the

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