Millennials Are The Generation Of Our Generation Essay

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Millennials are the generation from about the years 1980-2000 and have relied heavily on technology as it is quickly evolving. People today know Millennials as young adults or teenagers that are starting to begin and plan for their future plans. If a survey was put out to all none Millennials; most of the responses would be that Millennials rely on technology way too much. The reason the Millennials have a bad look is because people do not take the time to look at the positive side of things such as how they use technology, how hard working they are, and all of the good things they are always doing. Technology has been growing very quickly and it just so happens that it has been a large part of our generation. Many Millennials are using technology in very positive ways. In a recent survey done by Sensis and ThinkNow Research, as many as 41% of white non-Hispanic consumers are most interested in purchasing wearable health tracker in the near future and roughly 32% of Hispanic Millennials said they have considered purchasing a health tracker (“Millennials Show Growing Interest in Health-Tracking Technology”). This recent survey really shows how using wearable health trackers can be a good encouragement for Millennials to get out and exercise on a daily basis. Many big companies have started to incorporate a lot more technology into their business. “The ability to work from multiple devices is expected by Millennials. This means the organization must leverage technology to

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